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Luckily, Kylie and Melanie took it on the chin, but I surely can't be the only one who finds something creepy about photographers and art directors removing women's clothes from photos (without their consent) for use on magazine covers?There's no way to return the airbrushing genie to his bottle, but the time has surely come for the conspiracy of silence about its practice to end.It's completely different to have been nipped and tucked inside some photo-editing software.It can only ever harm relations between the sexes - because, let's face it, the vast majority of airbrushed images are of women, whether for male or female consumption.Unfortunately, as long as images of unnaturally perfect women remain a sure way to sell magazines, it's unlikely we'll be seeing realistic buttocks any time soon.This is bull, this is an example of one photographer.

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The effect of digital manipulation is to tell women that it's possible to be five foot two and have forty inch legs (as in a famously absurd photo of Emma Bunton); or to be a size six and not have visible ribs; or to reach forty without cellulite and with breasts round their necks; or to have no definition on their stomachs either of fat or muscle.Whilst adding the bees, her bikini 'disappeared', and she threatened to sue.