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“The crack of the whip in the air, just hearing that snap, sends something through your body,” Mr. “After we finished it, I just couldn’t stop shaking and crying,” she said. Hemingway’s, plays a runaway slave in some episodes. Smollett: “We call it our Smoll Nation, because we do have truly —— ”Ms. Smollett: “We will kick anybody’s [butt] in Taboo because we literally —— ”Ms.

The cast and crew surrounded her, and let her weep. He has no scenes with his sister, but she came to the set to watch him work. Smollett-Bell: “gang up on them.”She started modeling as an infant — “At a year old, she was like a mix of Diana Ross and Elizabeth Taylor,” her brother said. We would eat hot links and bagels for breakfast every morning — very black and Jewish of us.” (“Blewish,” as Mr.

The focus is on heroism and rebellion, giving voice to the underrepresented.“We’re all trying to do work on material that matters and helps the change that we need,” said the director Anthony Hemingway (“Red Tails”), who was responsible for the first four episodes.But in the end she couldn't say no—although she did manage to get her character's "frumpy" wardrobe an upgrade!Smollett's real-life romance is drama-free, save an intense basketball rivalry (she's a Clippers fan; Bell loves the Lakers). "On our second date, I wrote in my journal, ' I'm done! For more, pick up Glamour's March issue, on newsstands February 5, or download the digital issue right now!“To this day, Angela Davis is one of her dearest friends.

We’ve spent Mother’s Day with Angela.”That gave extra resonance to a sequence in “Empire” last season, when Jamal and his onscreen brother Hakeem (Bryshere Y.Their sister Jazz is part of their company; Jake is a chef. Jussie heard about “Empire” through family — Jazz sent him the casting notice — and Jurnee, who’d once auditioned for one of the show’s creators, Lee Daniels, helped her brother prepare. Daniels based the role, partly, on himself, an artist whose father disapproved of his sexuality. Smollett is among the few openly gay actors to play a gay character on TV.