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21-Jun-2019 05:15

is part of the company Job Cloud AG, which runs the platform.

Job Cloud was founded in 2013, through the merger of AG and Jobup SA.

We prioritise kindness and respect, providing a safe online community for users to build new relationships.

There are hundreds of job search sites on the web, but they’re not all created equally.

The networking opportunities the site provides are also unmatched, allowing professionals – looking for a new job or not – to connect with others in in their fields. Linked In allows users to search for jobs by company, keyword, location and job title.

There are numerous forums and ways in which users may share information with people in different industries, and the site is mobile-optimized.

Linked In is a professional networking platform that allows users to connect with others in their industry and search for job positions.

The number one site for professional networking, the Linked In profile allows users to showcase themselves in ways far beyond what they can do with a one-page resume.

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We’ve chosen 15 of the best job boards around and ranked them based on their usability, site features and specific search requirements so you can spend less time searching online and more time in the interviewer’s chair. Job seekers can consult thousands of new employment ads every day, save interesting job ads, and send their applications directly on the website and/or with the mobile app.