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19-Jun-2019 15:25

Or they ghost me for all practical purposes using “the sorry I was taking a nap.” Except instead of an excuse they simply wait a year after I applied before telling me they went with another candidate.Albeit clarity and closure is always better even if its 11 months too late.To which I get a somewhat cliché reply of “thank you, we have received your application and will see if your qualifications match our needs.” Followed by a, “this is an automated message and replies will not be read.” Which I take as them playing hard to get, but that’s okay because I’ve always liked a challenge.After a week or two of this I began to hear replies from the nice companies, giving me a sweet, “its not you its me” in the form of “your qualifications do not meet our needs at this time.” But then give me falls hope of staying as “friends” through there “keep a look out for more opportunities with us and make sure to apply.” I call these companies nice because some of them do what far too millennials do and either one just ghost me entirely.

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For instance, you applied in 10 different companies and only 4 of them responded.However, due to recent life circumstances I now find myself back in the dating field and doing so online.