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When he was eventually released from prison he came out of retirement and scored a famous victory in the Breeders' Cup Mile in America.

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All proceeds from the day go toward the upkeep of the Piggott Cemetery we strive for accuracy.

I did not think he would get three years, but the law is the law." The sentence was condemned as a "terrible injustice" by the Newmarket trainer, David Thom, who said Piggott had put "more money in the taxman's coffers than any 100 people could have done." But appeals for leniency by Mr John Mathew, QC, Piggott's counsel, had been rejected by the judge, who said he could not "pass over" the scale of Piggott's VAT and income tax evasion without an invitation to others tempted to cheat.

He will be eligible for parole after one year or if early release is refused, could earn remission of one year for good behaviour.

The family will have a Memorial Service at a later date.

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This 4th of July homecoming and picnic is a local tradition since the early 20th century.

Read More Alta was born on January 6, 1932 and passed away on Saturday, July 27, 2019.