Dating in a relationship difference

07-Mar-2019 16:25

This is the time period in which you are (or should be) considering, assessing, and getting to know someone.

You do not meet someone, go on three dates, and then decide they are a great romantic match for the long term.

And, it can be the person to whom you tell everything and with whom you love to spend time (because “relationship” can mean platonic or romantic)..

Far more of us could afford to treat it as such, instead of the frequently rushed, tunnel vision style sprint toward a label.

Dating is the stage in which we explore this getting to know a prospective partner and ultimately, decide if they might have long term matching potential for us.

Plethora's of people skip this period of observation and relational building, many, to their later detriment.ommitment, while still getting to know your significant other (because people are continually changing and growing-at least healthy people are, so there will ever be new things to learn and unearth about those you love, regardless of how long you have known them), Commitment is having accumulated enough information (over a period of several months) which allows you to access thoughtfully whether it’s a good decision to move forward in building something further with this person. And in fact, prematurely jumping to the falsely important moment of labeling can cloud our judgement in this regard.

While there isn’t anything inherently wrong with this, the downside is that with the ambiguity and almost certain differing perceptions between each person, as well as, rushing in before much depth has a legitimate chance to develop, it can leave a lot of us feeling confused and even makes someone a boyfriend or girlfriend? If so, then does this mean that anyone with whom you get physical is now a boyfriend or girlfriend?

Within the wide sweeping hookup culture of current day, people might meet on Tinder or at a bar, have sex within a few days of knowing one another, go out for drinks a couple times, watch a movie at each others apartment, have sex again, and then boom, they are now a couple.

Labeling which actually tells us nothing of the true emotional nature of the connection. This stage, usually accompanied by majorly rose tinted glasses- giving most people the impression that their new love interest is nearly perfect in almost every way. This is when you see your partner at their very best.

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