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05-Jul-2019 19:41

But no matter what French people choose to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, one thing is for sure: snacking is not encouraged and not usually part of the habits taught to children.

In France, culturally speaking, parents don’t have this constant obsession and guilt around parenting, which generally leads to more well-behaved children, at least according to American author Pamela Druckerman, who wrote “Bringing Up Bebe: One American Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French Parenting.” In France, children eat three meals a day and have one snack around 4 p.m. Of course, things are changing in France, as more and more people break away with tradition and snack more often.

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At other times of the day you’re supposed to drink black espresso, and only after meals.

Some French people I know, living in Montreal, only eat some fruit and have a cup of coffee for breakfast.

A single croissant is also popular to eat for breakfast in France, and dip in your coffee. As we’ve seen, French people eat a small breakfast (if they eat at all).

If you order a caffè latte in the middle of the day in Italy, people will automatically know that you’re not Italian.

They will also secretly and sometimes not so secretly laugh at you…Traditions in food matter because they keep a certain order to things, and prevent overeating.