Dating gibson p 90 pickups

29-Mar-2019 06:35

Wonderful neck with a slim fast fingerboard and a tone to die for too.

If you haven’t played an ES-330 then you are really missing out on one of Gibson’s finest designs.

This kind of figuring is really set off by a sunburst finish, and the washed-out cherry sunburst here complements it very well.

Many players remove the pickguard on Les Pauls to expose the figured Maple.

The Gibson Les Paul first appeared in 1952, and quickly had a design change – the neck angle was increased and the original trapeze bridge / tailpiece combination was removed in favour of a ‘wrap around’ tailpiece.

By 1954 with the introduction of the tune-o-matic, the bridge and tailpiece functions were separated.

The original cherry finish is intact, with expected checking and minor dings and marks.

This could be the original case but there’s no way to be sure of that.This example dates to 1966 and is in largely original condition, with no physical damage or breakage.The pots date to 1965, and so we are dating it to 1966; the serial numbering is a bit vague for this era, and could indicate a span of several years starting with 1966.The guitar also comes with the original lined Gibson case for the full vintage package.

P-90s can growl and they can chime – but they always work well on a 330 (same as the Epiphone Casino) thanks to the sheer acoustic volume and resonance of this guitar.

But by 1960, the changes had not improved sales, and for 1961 the entire Les Paul line was dramatically reworked into what we call the SG today.