Dating christian wisdom prayer playing with fish dating

01-Aug-2019 12:52

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A love that is in deed and truth, not just in word and speech. Let them be volunteers serving You in the time of Your power. Seeking first Your kingdom so that they will reap abundant blessings. I pray that they will honor You with their possessions Prov 3:9..........with the firstfruits of their increase; Ps 111:1..........

Who or what do you turn to in your time of need or when you have an important decision to make?

When we open our ears to hear what the Spirit is saying, we allow our hearts to be encouraged, thereby allowing the Holy Spirit to operate in us. What are your favorite Bible verses or book of the Bible? As I draw near to You, may I understand Your teachings and apply them to my me the understanding and knowledge of You and Your word.

Let us pray.ehovah Nissi, night departs and day arrives. As I open my Bible to read the scriptures give me wisdom and discernment.

As I go out into the world fulfilling Your will for my life, I ask that You keep me out of harm’s way. And even as I sit and listen to pastor, preacher or apostle reveal what Your Holy Book is speaking into my life, help me to see and understand. Bring understanding to my mind as Your teachings are revealed to me.

Being wise and discerning are most definitely God's will. God desires Christians to be joyous and edified as a result of their relationships.Make it a habit to always seek the Lord, His word and His counsel whenever these tough situations arise.