Dating brookfield insulators

08-Apr-2019 03:37

The green glass batch consists of sand, 100 pounds; soda, 40; lime, 28; and salt, 5 pounds.

The sand is very fine and clear, of a slight green tint, and is procured at Millville, Cumberland County, New Jersey, in the vicinity of the lower Delaware.

The formula consists of three parts of raw clay, three parts pot shells, and two parts burnt clay; all of which must be thoroughly mixed and stamped before the composition is formed into rolls for building the pots. In the large room in which we now were, there were nearly fifty finished pots in process of drying, while the molders were at work making still more.

On this circle the clay is almost ground to a powder when it is gathered up and taken to the STAMPING FLOORS. Piling the clay on one end of his box, he commences stamping every inch until it is well flattened out.

Upon being subjected to the excessive heat of the furnaces, the sand fuses and the clay hardens, so that the compound becomes vary solid and permanent, and will last many months, though enduring the intense flame necessary in melting glass.

Upon the floor we found some forty or fifty of these stones drying, the molds having been removed in order that the air might increase the process.

The remaining space is filled with barrels containing lime and other ingredients for the batch.

POT ROOM This is a narrow room adjoining the sand cellar, and is only about 10 or 12 feet wide, though 28 feet long.Bushwick Glass Works These works are located on Grand street, Williamsburgh, N.