Dating and no chemistry

09-Aug-2019 03:21

Chemistry is important, and that's just something you'll feel.I personally like having a list of "musts" and "nice-to-haves" and let the chemistry do the rest.From the moment you started going down a checklist, I thought this might be an issue.If you're using a checklist to decide what you want rather than listening to your feelings in the moment, this is going to happen some of the time.Once i was able to communicate that, the chemistry (and healthy love) sparked.He was polite and kind and very sweet everywhere but sexually he fulfilled that bad boy side I enjoyed.I think knowing who you are and what you need is imperative for a healthy relationship.

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" It's partially a syndrome of too much choice.Real attraction, let alone mutual attraction is an elusive creature. " and "am I really going to be stuck with this one?

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