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He won twenty-two battles in succession and became the last Hindu emperor of India.

Declared a Wildlife reserve in 1955 and a National Park in 1982, it is the first reserve in the world to have successfully relocated tigers.

Bharthari temple is dedicated to the king of Ujjain, who became a saint and is now commonly known as Baba Bharthari.

He is sometimes identified with Bhartṛhari, a 7th-century poet.

He is revered and prayed to, the temple is visited by the local population, and a fair is also organized each year known as 'Bharthari Baba ka Mela'.there is a temple of hanuman baba in ghata bhanwar tehsil kathumar The nearest airports are Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi (143 km away), Jaipur International Airport (150 km away), and an airport currently under development in Bhiwadi airport (90 km away). Alwar is fairly rich in mineral wealth; it produces marble, granite, feldspar, dolomite, quartz, limestone, soap stone, barites, copper clay, copper ore and pyrophylite.

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Alwar railway station, on the Delhi–Jaipur line, is connected with Delhi, Jaipur, and Mumbai. At the time of the 2011 census, the population of Alwar city and Alwar district were 341,422 and 1,015,310 respectively, with Hindus representing 90.7% of the population, Muslims representing 4.3%, Sikhs representing 2.6%, Jains representing 2.1%, and the remaining 1.3% belonging to other religions.Alwar is the first major city when travelling from Delhi to Rajasthan.

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