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14 Teach self-advocacy and encourage the teenager to participate as much as possible in his or her own self-management.When appropriate, discuss what limitations to independence the teenager may have due to deficits in memory, cognition, and executive functioning and provide the parents with additional resources and support services, as needed.17-19 (Self-Management and Independence Guidelines) 6.It is recommended that the Spina Bifida Care Coordinator begin preparing the teenager for transition to adult health care, including familiarizing them and their family with the Transition Guidelines and Self-Management and Independence Guidelines.Encourage the family to develop and assemble their own health care folder and records for use during travel, appointments in hospitals that are away from their home area, and other occasions when they will be away from the medical home.Encourage participation in age-appropriate activities with peers outside of school.Where appropriate, provide information for driver education and training programs for the teenager with Spina Bifida. It is recommended that the Spina Bifida Care Coordinator communicate with the family and multidisciplinary Spina Bifida care team to ensure the individual with Spina Bifida is up-to-date on all sub-specialty care visits, imaging, monitoring, and equipment needs where appropriate.

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Encourage weight-bearing activities for at least one hour per day to promote bone health as well as for its social benefits. It is recommended that the Spina Bifida Care Coordinator provide developmentally-appropriate care education across the spectrum of symptoms and conditions related to Spina Bifida to better empower children and families to manage their own care and recognize complications and emergencies.Identify and or improve gaps in the family knowledge base specifically related to the teenage age period (mobility progress, skin inspection, bowel and bladder care, sexuality, academic/cognitive development, social functioning at school and with peers, high risk behaviors, and more).(Self-Management and Independence Guidelines, Transition Guidelines) 7.

It is recommended that the Spina Bifida Care Coordinator assess family dynamics in coping with the diagnosis and evaluate their psychosocial stressors.(See Transition and Self-Management and Independence Guidelines) 3.