Dating a successful lawyer

27-Jun-2019 19:46

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“You’re supposed to go and become kind of a callous prick.But, what happened to me was, I went to law school, and I grew a heart.”While writing his master’s thesis on economic development in Sub-Saharan Africa, Westaway was fascinated by social justice issues. Looking back, that was part boldness, part naïveté.”Around the same time, Westaway and several friends also founded Biographe Blanks, a screen printing company that hires former victims of the sex trade to craft custom T-shirts.He knew he wanted to help eradicate extreme poverty and the commercial sex trade in the region.“I thought both issues should be in the history books and not in the newspapers,” says Westaway, a We Work Dumbo Heights member. As he was forming the company, Westaway noticed that the lawyers he was working with had no experience with “social enterprises,” organizations that fall between the for-profit and non-profit designations.“Some of the best and brightest minds at some of the biggest law firms didn’t know what to do with it,” Westaway remembers.Shortly after graduating from law school in 2006, Westaway started his own law firm.“I didn’t know what the hell I was doing,” he remembers. Westaway spotted an opening in the market, and built a successful law practice by filling that gap while doing what he loves.“This was my passion,” he says, “to think about how business can drive social impact.”He now advises big-name clients like Warby Parker on social enterprises.Westaway is taking another hard left into a competitive field.His new app, Hearts and Spades, aims to disrupt the dating industry.

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Virtually every day I see relationships fail (or fail to thrive) because a party doesn't properly value what he or she is bringing to the relationship.Why, if marriage looks so different than it did 20 years ago, would you want to live with laws which were (largely) fashioned in the 1970s?""Don't underestimate the power of household chores to trigger marital blowups.Synchronize financial information so spouses can keep track "If you get involved with someone who is divorced, seek out a copy of the complaint and answer in the divorce (not the Final Judgment of Divorce) so you can see the allegations against the individual, i.e.

Because people don't often change their habits." "Date your spouse.

Retirement, college and who's going to take care of you when you're old. 1 reason for getting a divorce in this country is for financial reasons.

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