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20-Aug-2019 02:50

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There are tons of half-baked dating advice out there. And when you mix good advice and half-baked advice that doesn’t consider your contribution to the problem, you’ll get the results of the bad advice, not the good one.Vivi wrote in the group: “After 6 months of dating Guy #1 …Every time I’m with a guy who has said they wanted to play around, have their fun and they’re not looking for anything serious, I ask them the question: “Ok, so if the ‘right’ girl came along, you would just turn her down and keep fooling around?

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It makes men in their 30s more wary of getting into a relationship.

To a man, commitment denotes a loss of freedom, an added sense of responsibility, an emotional “contract” with a woman that basically says, he now needs to assume the role of a boyfriend and be responsible for her, which means: You see a “boyfriend” assumes many roles that a casual partner doesn’t.

Now you may be thinking, yes but a woman would also assume a “girlfriend” role. What are most modern women really offering that is valuable to a man in a relationship?

If the right girl came along, I would get into a relationship.” Hmm, interesting.

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