Dating a mentally challenged person

26-Mar-2019 20:04

Many stop taking their medication because they believe they no longer need it.

Many never wanted to take it in the first place and quit immediately.

It also exposes mentally ill female patients to any number of dangerous situations and makes them vulnerable to rape and sexual assault.

Thus, there are many pregnancies created out of terrible circumstances and often the father is not known.

Possible solutions to these issues may appear easy on the surface but are actually more difficult to put into practice.

Obviously, terminating the pregnancy would be an option, however there are various restrictions; first and foremost, the mentally ill mother must actually to have the abortion.

A 2002 survey of studies reported in Primary Psychiatry states that approximately 20 percent of parents retain full custody of their children, but of that number, only 12 percent are primary caregivers, with care for the child often coming from grandparents or other family members.

Sometimes the patient will agree to give the child up for adoption and, while the child may end up in a more stable environment, both he and his adopted parents cannot escape the child’s genetic history combined with the increased chances of behavioral issues that exist among adopted kids.

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People with severe mental illness, particularly when they do not have a strong support system of family around them, are notorious for ceasing to take their medication once they leave a clinical setting.If the children are not removed immediately from the patient’s custody and put into the state foster system, they often have to be closely monitored by social workers throughout their lives.

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