Dating a girl with the same name as your mother

19-Apr-2019 21:42

I’m not sure how my group landed on the social psychology of names, but we took the project with zero seriousness and turned it into something fun.During our presentation we talked about the pressure of names can have on a person, for example: Miley Cyrus’ former legal name was “Destiny Hope Cyrus.” We argued that this name made Miley feel pressured to do something so astonishing that it would provide destiny and hope into the world. We also talked about how certain characters in Harry Potter were unable to say the name “Voldemort” because of the negative connotation and fears that came with it.But while social etiquette dictates we correctly identity the individuals closest to us, errors occur more frequently than we would like.Most people can recall at least one cringe-worthy moment when you wish you could rewind the clock. As psychology researchers, we set out to answer a simple question: Why do we so often accidentally call the people we know by the wrong name?When I studied abroad in London I took a social psychology class as part of my psych major requirements.As a final project, we were asked to divide ourselves into groups and do a study on the social psychology of something.We store information about a person in a mental semantic network that contains information about other related people, places, and things.

So yeah, it is kind of weird to be dating someone that has the same last name as me, but I’m just hoping I won’t have to change my last name if we end up getting married.And yes, people have asked us if we were brother and sister.