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25-Apr-2019 20:43

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It’s rare to see something that is truly risking everything in order to succeed.Because of all the stories of startups getting acquired for billions of dollars with no revenue, entrepreneurs everywhere think they than start a company without thinking about how to make money at all.Drug Dealers have usually always been looked-down upon within society, but if you take a closer look at some of today’s most successful entrepreneurs, they started out as drug dealers. Diddy, and 50 Cent all used drug dealing as a means of survival and reaching success.Some studies have also shown that successful entrepreneurs and drug dealers are actually cut from the same cloth.Dealing with situations like this while having to make sure your product is still good and your operations are running smoothly is something no startup entrepreneur will ever have to face. For someone that goes into drug dealing with this reality in mind, you know you are going absolutely all-in with hopes of seeing success.Take this Quora user’s account of his time as a drug dealer: Say you build a startup, what is the WORST thing that can happen to you? Many millennial startup founders today have a safety-net, whether it’s their parents or a full-time job to handle.fu*king lames We have a pretty good club scene and with that brings in the "club experts".Bloke & 4th, EFS, and Muzik are home to dirty money. I actually know a few people that have Mayor Rob Ford's number Him and Joe Budden.

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I used to really fu*k with both their music too, but I can't listen to these n*ggas making songs about bi*ches, when any real n*gga can see the L coming their way from jump.

"Breaking Brian" the story of the drug lord and his wife: Breaking Brian Shin: portrait of a Bay Street master and suburban drug dealer | He dumped his wife, Christina Millian, for her: ^Dressed as a gold digger for halloween ^^^Tattooed her name (Canadian name is Lydia Nam) ^Them together She is also known in Toronto as an escort, who frequents Bloke and 4th (Popular club for big spenders), and changed her identity to leave her past life to live with The Dream. I was reading this sh*t and didnt know it was the ppl that use to gamble at Niagara this guy was buying her whatever she wantedy'all are a bunch of gossiping f*ggots for real.

I cant believe it Brian might come out for his appeal this year its whatever he has better things to worry about and he used his own money to start that bullsh*t purple clothen line and she left him like that.

So they have to resort to being more creative like researching and choosing the right places to sell, as well as networking with the right people to gain more customers.

Lead generation is a huge challenge that many new startups have and I personally find it amazing how clueless entrepreneurs can be when it comes to it.

In a past interview with serial entrepreneur Scott Gerber, he explained: “…I need more than enough people that are 18-20-somethings that simply say, “I’ll figure out the money equation later.” And I think that’s the stupidest way to think about business because at the end of the day, less than probably 2% of people that start a business are ever going to see a dollar of real investment money.” Having passion is obviously great, but you will need to focus on the bottom-line longterm if you want your business to thrive. People may buy from you the first time, but if your drugs suck or they feel ripped off, you won’t get repeat customers unless you’re completely scraping at the bottom of the barrel.

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