Dating a finance guy

09-May-2019 06:32

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I will say though that I'm dating a democratic socialist and even that puts a strain on our relationship, and with me being a devoted ML not sure if things will work course you don't respect his worldview, politics, or theory of change.he wants to turn natural resources into commodities and commodities into dead capital.

She said it was a great experience, but a one time thing.She said she certainly was not lesbian because lesbians/gays have a disease, according to her. For some time I kept questioning her about this, and turns out she strongly beliefs non-heterosexuals have a genetic disease, are worth less than others and in an ideal world they should be dead.Then, she went on by trying to justify her homophobia (or convince me of it) by saying "of course I think this, I also am racist because I am smart".Your moral compass does not allow you to feel comfortable with your partner, not fully.

That means that it's time to end it, even if there are many other positive aspects to your relationship.

I love him but I just cant bring myself to agree with him?