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“It’s more than everyday computing,” says Liz Burd, Pro-Vice Chancellor in Learning and Teaching at the University of Newcastle in Australia.“It’s building the tools that enable everyday computing.” Related: Search colleges with computer science majors One of the biggest things Computer Science majors learn is how to logically think through a problem and find a way to solve it.Brown started working for the site as its lead developer. He’d been working for My Representatives for a few months when he landed a paid job as a software engineer with Lindsey Software, a company that designs programs for public housing agencies, where he works today.The computer programming class Lynch took in high school was one of her favorites.“These days, day-to-day I don’t do a lot of programming,” Anokwa says. All the skills I need now I learned in my first couple of years of undergrad.” Brown meant to study philosophy when he enrolled at Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia. He took a class about logic, then classes on computer programming.It might not seem like the two subjects have anything in common, but Brown liked how they both relied on logical thinking.

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The site makes it easy for people who live in the Memphis area to find out who represents them in local, state, and federal governments.

There Anokwa began to think that people could use computing to change the world for the better.

After all, computers are everywhere: on your desk, in your pocket, and inside devices you use every day. During graduate school, Anokwa spent six months volunteering with a public health organization in Rwanda, where he helped introduce an electronic medical record system that’s now used nationwide.

In high school he started a business repairing computers for his classmates’ parents.

In college he earned two degrees: one in Computer Science from Butler and one in Electrical Engineering from Indiana University—Purdue University Indianapolis.

They create applications for mobile devices, develop websites, and program software.