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25-Apr-2019 20:53

Sharing a TV show with your boyfriend or girlfriend can be something you both look forward to every week, something you can laugh over and gasp at and talk about afterwards. Online Classes and Bedtime Reads Since you two don’t go to the same college (or maybe it’s a high-school-senior-and-college-freshman thing), why not take a class together? Both order in Thai food or grab some New York style pizza from around the corner to bring home (The trick is getting the same cuisine, so it feels more like you’re sharing a meal.). This date also comes in handy when you’re the only one of your friends stuck on campus for Thanksgiving break because plane tickets are so d*mn expensive and you have no one else to eat with.

My boyfriend and I took a Mechanical Physics class from ed X and watched online lectures together. Game Time Whether it’s online chess or Diablo 3, play a computer/video game together. Romantic Dinner Notice that half this list is made up of food dates? Have an unconventional Thanksgiving dinner over Skype.

So you’ve survived the first month of college…but has your long-distance relationship survived, too?

You’ve met all these new people, made tons of new friends, and joined more clubs than you can count on one hand.

Ice Cream Shop Food and dates go hand in hand, and there’s not much difference on a Skype date either. But this time, you are outside in nature, in the grass, in the sunshine.Some simple advice: Think outside the box (or monitor screen) and get creative.

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