Daniel bryan aj lee dating

01-Apr-2019 05:48

For months I have been talking about the excitement I have for Dean Ambrose to debut on television on the WWE roster.I constantly compare him to a modern-day Brian Pillman.

""I saw you two getting it on.""You must have been imagining things.""If I was then why would I have this?

She turned around the corner and bumped into Seth."Oh, sorry.

I didn't see you there." She apologized and walked around him."It's fine." Seth grabbed her arm and turned her back around to face him.

She waited for him and thought about how her Divas title was doing, while it was getting polished."Good, there you are." Vince smiled as he walked in and closed the door."You called me in here, saying it's urgent, so I'm here." AJ did her best to smile, even though deep down she was nervous and scared."Yes.

We have to clear up some unfinished business."AJ sighed, she knew where this was going."You're the most beautiful, and powerful Diva we have, and know just how to use that mouth of yours.""No, not again.

Lee started in WWE Smackdown in 2011 and feuded with Alicia Fox, Tamina, Rosa Mendes, Natalya, Beth Phoenix, Kaitlyn, Big Show, Sheamus, Daniel Bryan, Kane, CM Punk and was offered to be Raw General Manager in 2012.