Dad dating much younger woman

08-Jul-2019 12:51

But Tori was a bit cautious due to being abused in a past relationship.

Eddie’s twin daughters are also 27, six years older than his girlfriend.

As for our new step mom, its weird cause shes basically our age range and it took awhile to get used to but we are on good terms.

The important thing is we know she takes care of our dad and makes him happy.

A friend of mine whose child is dating someone of a different race assured me that her problems with her child's intended are not about black versus white. "This is family." I've got two May/December romances in my family.

‘Now, we just laugh at it and completely be smart about the whole situation.

‘The only time that I can say really shocked me was we went to a breakfast spot regularly in the weekends, and the waitress was like, “is that your daughter” ‘Eddie’s response was, “does it look like I can make a redhead?

We refer to her by her first name and theres an understanding that she has no authority over us, so rather than a parent she feels more like a cousin in a way.

The bit about that that would worry me is how inheritance is handled.

‘To anyone in an age gap relationship or curious about being with an older or younger person- go for it.