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It’s going to feed the appetite for sexual expression.If you’re left untreated, left unhealed of a pornography addiction, eventually your mind is going to want to express sexuality in some fashion.If an addict is in the depths of temptation it’s generally because he or she is starved for friendship, love, healthy touch, and so on.I think one of the huge problems in some marriages is that the sex is not based on spiritual intimacy. We’re lonely and really needy, and rather than trying to connect emotionally or spiritually, we try to escape sexually. Whether you feel more distanced as a result of sex or you feel more connected.Locate and use a filtered provider, such as Integrity Online, that will help you to deal with temptations on the internet. Today, 12 years into recovery and a healed marriage, Laaser heads the Christian Alliance for Sexual Recovery, lecturing and conducting workshops around the world.He has worked with hundreds of addicts and their families and has consulted with many church congregations and pastors after their clerics’ sexual sins were exposed.When I see something that tempts me, I need to remind myself of my commitment to a higher form of marriage and sexuality.

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There are deeper emotional and spiritual issues that need to be addressed.The number one mistake Christians make is that they think they have to deal with this alone—that if they’re getting tempted this way, they can battle it on their own.We need to have an accountability group: healthy relationships with other Christians where we can honestly talk about what we’re dealing with.If you’re aware of it and you acknowledge it as a bombardment, then you know it’s something you’ve got to deal with.

If you are not acknowledging it, just letting it in on a daily basis while being desensitized to what’s happening, then all of these things are kind of getting into your mind unconsciously.Since temptation on the internet is very real—and not everyone has a highly-filtered internet connection as we recommend—it may be that many or even most should not even have access to the internet.