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So if you later split your database so the tables are attached, the code fails when you use a method that no longer applies. Dynaset guarantees your code will work for all queries and tables, local and attached.Example: Using any of the Move methods (Move First, Move Last, Move Next, or Move Previous) causes an error if the recordset has no records. Either of these approaches works: For recordsets based on queries, SQL statements, and attached tables, the Record Count property returns the number of records accessed so far.When you Open Recordset() on a local table, it defaults to a Table type (db Open Table.) The Table type has different methods (e.g.Seek instead of Find First), but it cannot be used with attached tables.DAO is the native Access library (what Access itself uses), whereas ADO is a more generic library (now superseded by the vastly different ADO.NET library.) Different versions of Access default to different libraries.

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Many professional developers avoid the complex data types, believing they introduce more problems than they solve.This article highlights ten common traps with DAO recordsets in VBA code.

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