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Her choice of apparel is Ancient Greek-based, but adjusted to incorporate more modern elements.

Her overall look is finalized with heart, arrow, and feather symbols.

In “Fairy’s Got Talent”, she has a Pegasus named Peggy.

Cupid has had no romantic interests in Monster High until she accidentally shot her arrows into herself and ".

The show also explores how to be a better person in life regardless of relationship status. Hosted by David Cruz, Author of the blog Finding Cupid, David and his guest?

€™s help you navigate through the slips and spills of love, dating and relationships. Every week, Finding Cupid interviews celebrity guests, singers, authors and friends about what it means to be better at the long forgotten art of Love and being a better human being.

In the destiny conflict, she is on the Rebel side because she considers destiny to get in the way of the flow of love and people follow their true hearts, being who they want to be.

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By branching out, I scream of learning more about myself! " On April 23, 2013, this was followed up by an announcement of C. during that she would be "starting a new chapter in an enchanting place where [she] can help others follow their true heart's desires. She describe Aphrodite as her ”aunt”, and also the other gods, like Athena, Poseidon, and Apollo, and Hermes as her ”cousin”.A." in the Shannon Hale books), and doll box name as well as doll logs/doll diaries; is her nickname, rather than her full name.Cupid has long, wavy, bright-pink-and-light-pink hair accentuated with white strands.In Ever After High, she has a big crush on Dexter Charming, but he is unaware of her feelings.

Even though it saddens her, she helps him express his feelings for Raven Queen.She also is actually a Sagittarius, not an Aquarius, as her birthday is November 24th, not February 14th.

The borough and city has a population of circa 31,000 inhabitants and is the second largest in the United States by area.… continue reading »

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