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Just don’t take anything that one person says as gospel. If not be prepared to fork out thousands of Kune for the mandatory health insurance back payment fees.

When you go to your local Hrvatski Zavod Za Zdravstveno Osiguranje (HZZO) office, you’ll discover that you have to pay for the 12 months you were not in the country. The legislation is changing all the time, so be sure to ask at your the Croatian embassy where you live – more than once. They don’t always know the current legislation, and what I have heard from many people over the years – many embassies just do not want to deal with helping new people move back to the motherland.

Before relocating to Croatia, I only daydreamed about the Croatian beaches, raising bilingual kids, having coffee with my newly-made Croatian friends and living a European lifestyle. In my first year of living in Croatia, I had short bouts of depression and anxiety.

In some cases (like at my doctors’ office), I have to explain my rationale every visit. My meh days are when I barely manage to stay optimistic when faced with an onslaught of bureaucratic challenges, or when I spend days at a time alone without speaking to or hearing from a single friend, and all I can think about is calling my sister and telling her to pop over for a visit. I try never to speak of them, as they are the days when if spoken about, it is all people will focus on. Each year that passes gets a little easier to adjust to the situations that might edge me toward me those rare dark days.

Admittedly that would have meant that I could have told the story of our failed Croatian adventure in Croatian – but for what? I have declined many requests from Croatian TV, radio, and some print publications to interview us in the past 3 years.I had a horrible experience with one newspaper article that took what I said out of context, and made the dumbest click-bait style headline – for which I was roasted – and still feel the effects of now.Since then, I have hardly written about my personal life – having two kids now makes me even more wary of sharing details about my life here. Bureaucracy gone mad – actually, sometimes, not even gone mad – often not even moving at all. A place where on an almost daily basis, I have to justify my desire to live here. Sometimes it does not sound like I do, but sincerely, I cherish Croatia. My travel blog, THIS BLOG, has become insanely popular (2.6 million page views in 2017, and already 1.3 million this year) – despite never getting a single shred of help or financial assistance from the Croatian National Tourist Board – I have asked several times, but alas they won’t help me in anyway. The days spent with family and friends eating and laughing, seeing my kids happy, playing, and loved by others, and when I am traveling and exploring. Being an expat is much harder than I ever imagined. Despite the fact my windows and walls leak in the rain, and that the basement has been flooded three times, and more than one neighbor won’t speak to us, I can’t leave my home. And more than that, I feel I have given too much, spent too long pushing forward to give up – not yet anyway.

Workers who don’t show up on time – or never at all. Fake people always trying to get you to blog about them for free. The landscape is extraordinary – and right on my doorstep. We are in the process of building an excellent business. I spent all my savings in building a (wonky-as-fuck) house.

Shopping, coffee shops, and all basic doctors appointments are now done in Croatian. I deprioritized many things to focus on building this blog, and then having a new baby, and then starting a business… In fact, I restarted my Croatian lessons again a few weeks back, after an 18-month hiatus, and I was super impressed with myself for how far I have come. 3 years ago, I missed my friends more than I ever could imagine – ack, that was damn painful. I have been back to Australia twice in 5-years, and have zero desire to go again anytime soon. I don’t dislike Australia, I just don’t have a life there, as I do here in Croatia.