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19-Apr-2019 11:50

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But does this necessarily include alt-right viewpoints? Certainly, some of the speakers coming to CPAC have expressed anti-Islam and anti-immigration viewpoints in the past – and they’re likely to do so on the weekend.

Other speakers will surely attack the usual targets of conservatives in Australia: the media, feminism, the regulation of hate speech and discrimination, and so on.

CPAC will launch and run over 9-11 August 2019 and the timing couldn’t be better.

This is a conference for those that despaired at the prospect of a Shorten government controlled by militant unions and influenced by the Greens. The “shy” voters made a stand this time however we should remind ourselves that ” The future doesn’t belong to the light-hearted.

The conference brings together conservative politicians, advisers, journalists, public commentators, lobbying groups and other public figures.

President Donald Trump delivered a two-hour speech at this year’s event, the longest of his presidency.

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Morrison needs to stand up for Australian gun laws, she says, because of fears that attendees from the US Republican Party will push a pro-gun position while they are here. CPAC is an influential, annual gathering of conservatives in America with a history dating back nearly 50 years.() The much-anticipated report by special counsel Robert Mueller about Russia's meddling in the 2016 US elections is reportedly close to finished.That doesn't mean it will become public or it will answer all questions.And it's a very, very delicate balance," Trump said.

Trump's speech came as Senator Bernie Sanders held his first 2020 campaign rally in New York.Sanders and over 10 other Democrats have already launched their presidential campaigns.