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19-Jul-2019 21:57

Find out what lines a person draws and how that defines them. And should we find it enriching or just get it over with?This answer could be anything and lead anywhere, but it’s sure to have a lot of depth.“Joy” is such a personal and powerful term. It’s an ugly and heavy responsibility, but what is really worth fighting for, if anything?Try a few of these next time to set a deep and thoughtful tone to your conversation with deep and thoughtful people.Here are 16 deep conversation starting topics: You’re asking for self-reflection and sincerity here.

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If you could take a vacation anywhere, where would you go? A bit quirky yes, but the vegan in you might not want to get hot and heavy with that platter of Brie he eats every Friday night (or vice versa).

MORE: What You Must Do Within the First 12 Minutes of a Date Are you a cat or a dog person? Plus, a recent study found that "dog people" were more energetic and outgoing, while "cat people" were more introverted and sensitive.

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