Convenience of internet dating

04-Jul-2019 19:38

A common ploy of investment scammers is to encourage a mark to use money concealed from tax authorities.

The mark cannot go to the authorities without revealing that he has committed tax fraud.

Get-rich-quick schemes are extremely varied; these include fake franchises, real estate "sure things", get-rich-quick books, wealth-building seminars, self-help gurus, sure-fire inventions, useless products, chain letters, fortune tellers, quack doctors, miracle pharmaceuticals, foreign exchange fraud, Nigerian money scams, and charms and talismans.

Variations include the pyramid scheme, the Ponzi scheme, and the matrix scheme.

A wide variety of reasons can be offered for the trickster's lack of cash, but rather than just borrow the money from the victim (advance fee fraud), the con-man normally declares that he has checks which the victim can cash on his behalf and remit the money via a non-reversible transfer service to help facilitate the trip (check fraud).

Large cheques stolen from businesses are mailed to the mark.

Persuasion fraud, when fraudsters persuade people only to target their money, is an old-fashioned type of fraud.

A grandparent gets a call or e-mail from someone claiming to be their grandchild, saying that they are in trouble.

Note that the classic Spanish Prisoner trick also contains an element of the romance scam (see below).

Many con men employ extra tricks to keep the victim from going to the police.

This scam can be seen in the movie Nights of Cabiria.

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