Consolidating failing businesses

01-Jun-2019 01:51

However, still many people and enterprises are not deploying Io T. With so many Io T connectivity options in the market, choosing the right one for your project can be complicated.

We still cannot define in a unique and clear way what Io T is, much less explain how it will change our lives, without using the example of the smart refrigerator! It is a scary thought that billions of devices could be connected in a few years to decentralised Io T networks, with no interconnectivity between them, unless we use millions of edge nodes that transfer messages between devices connected in multiple networks.

If you cannot get the CEO on board, then the probability that your Io T project will end at the Po C stage is almost 100%.

If you are lost in the Po C, these, I have heard, read and repeated hundreds of times how important it is to belong to an Io T ecosystem and how difficult it is to choose the one that suits you best.

Those who have read my articles know that there is no company in the world, no matter how great it is, that can do everything in Io T.

Creating an Io T ecosystem either horizontal (technology) or vertical (industry) requires a lot of talent managers able to maintain win-win transactions over time.

News such as the merging of the Open Process Automation Forum (OPAF) is defining the next generation edge computing standards for industrial operators.

And again, the question arises, do all organisations need Edge to start an Industrial Io T project?

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Francisco has also acted as a business mentor to several Io T startups.

There are economic reasons when organisations try to escalate their Po C to real implementations and then the ROI does not look as good as in the pilot.

There are organisational reasons when leaders are failing to go all in.

For years, I have been writing about the promise and perils of the Internet of Things (Io T).

In many of my articles, I described how the Io T could help transform society and kickstart the next industrial revolution.

Perhaps it is not surprising that 30% of respondents say their Io T projects failed in the proof-of-concept (Po C) stage, often because the implementation became too expensive or the bottom-line benefits were unclear.

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