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19-Jul-2019 14:51

Based in Las Vegas, Jody Wilber has been freelance writing since 2004.

Her articles have appeared in "Christianity Today," "The Upper Room" and "The Review Journal." She is formally a high-school English and journalism teacher.

They also may have children who are grown and off on their own.

Most of them are done with the pressures of school.

Many celebrities married women or men considerably younger then themselves.

Here are few good examples: Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones or Geogre Clooney and Alamuddin with 17 years of gap in between them.

Older women may have more time for you than a younger woman.

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As a woman reaches her 40s, her chance of getting pregnant is reduced compared to her late 20s and early 30s.However, older women often have other responsibilities such as children or elderly parents to care for.