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So if you will focus more on corporate law and less on EU law, I would recommend Columbia.You can always take the advantage of choosing comparative/EU law courses at NYU but Columbia should have a better overall reputation. I think Columbia/NYU law students can choose courses from the other institution.

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I'd suggest you follow your gut and chose the school you feel most comfortable with.Both will be significantly weaker then the top french, german and even uk law schools. Both will be significantly weaker then the top french, german and even uk law schools. less academic than Columbia) and significantly more NY bar focused (I would be looking to take the NY bar and work at a corporate law firm in NYC post-LLM). I will also be focusing on corporate law, and the price would be pretty similar for me.I don't know about Columbia having the better career service, but I agree that it would appear to be the more selective program and have a stronger reputation. The upsides I perceive in favour of NYU are its location (closer to the law firms and other businesses in NYC), the number of LLM students (which presumably means there is a more extensive alumnus network that can help you find a job afterwards) and that its LLM may be a little more practical in nature (i.e.Reputation per subject: Columbia (Columbia is undisputed #1 for corporate law, way ahead of Harvard, U. Selectiveness: Columbia (200 places, NYU has 450) Location: Equal (although I slightly prefer NYU's campus) 4.

Course list: I assume they're equal (I have to admit I'm not familiar with NYU's corporate courses. To be honest, you can add as much criteria as you want, but I don't know if it'd make any difference. And, although most people will slightly prefer Columbia over NYU, the difference isn't all that great.

I was admitted in Early Review, but still no financial aid decision... Regardless of that - what's the normal deadline? In any case, I hope they give financial aid decisions BEFORE the deadline for accepting...