Closing a sale dating

03-May-2019 01:09

A buyer can chip away at an “as is” seller by asking for warranties that survive on the issues listed above.If the seller balks, the buyer may have discovered a deal-breaker– something bad the seller does not want to disclose.“As is” properties have always been one of my red flags, because sellers think the phrase means more than it does.A seller needs to understand what his obligations are under any warranty that survives closing in his sale contract.

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“As is” should not be taken to mean that a seller can conceal defects in his property.

(Note to newlyweds who just changed their name: That ID needs to match the name that will appear on the property's title and mortgage.)Your down payment: You will already know from your disclosure form exactly how much you'll have to cough up for a down payment and closing costs.