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Instead, a man will normally go through certain stages first before he decides you’re “it.” Here’s what they are, and how to handle them so he’s comfortable to move forward: Stage #1: Courtship In the early stages of dating, you take on one of two roles: the Convincer or the Resistor.

It’s important for you to be the Resistor and not the Convincer.

During your early interactions with a man, you don’t want to fall into the role of the “convincer.” Being the convincer means you are trying to get him to see all the reasons why you should be together – either by being the one to initiate contact and plans, or by actually convincing him of why you make a great couple.

And being the convincer does not get you what you want.

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That’s because the Convincer is the one who makes sure you spend time together and who pursues the Resistor.

_____________________________________________________________________ There’s one more thing a man needs to feel in order to want you in his life for good: it’s what I call Emotional Attraction.

Want to know one of the biggest fears men have when it comes to dating and relationships?