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What if I am not tuned in to Squawk premarket, how do I get the value area script code?

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# On these days make “Auto Pivots=No” and manually draw pivots. #Inputs input VAH = 1954.75;#Hint VAH: Must be manually entered daily, input POC = 1953.25;#Hint POC: Must be manually entered daily, input VAL = 1952.75;#Hint VAL: Must be manually entered daily, input Pivot = 1953.75;#Hint Pivot: Must be manually entered daily, input Auto Pivots = yes;#Hint Auto Pivots: Turns off pivot lines, value area stays on.While most squawks and chatrooms simply regurgitate news, Shadow Trader uses its proprietary method of market internals combined with market profile to predict the market’s moves and profit from them all day long.Founded on a methodology developed by Peter Reznicek, the Squawk is currently moderated by Brad Augunas, Scott Gillam, and Peter Reznicek.#09/12/11: Added “Show Level4” option due to recent volitility. #12/11/11: Added “After Hours” option to turn off plot after hours. # -added rounding to make the pivots appear as they do on the show.

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#01/26/12: Removed ability to truncate inputs due to it only being accurate 99% of time.

input Value Bubbles = yes;#Hint Value Bubbles: Shows bubbles on value plot lines.