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28-Jun-2019 21:27

However, while I’m a firm believer in holding out as long as possible, there is a point where providing our children with a cell phone of their own becomes inevitable.It’s just a part of life for this generation and you want to be able to help guide your child as they learn how to navigate this technology.She had also shown through her improved accountability at home and at school that she was mature enough to handle the responsibility that comes with cell phone ownership.But we knew, kids need boundaries, even when they push back agains them.

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There are too many temptations for an age group that is already struggling with difficult physical and emotional changes.Over time, they can earn their way to a more updated phone or better yet, save their own money to pay for it.You will also need to decide whether or not you want your child to have internet access available from her phone.Deciding if your child is ready for their first cell phone is a huge decision.

It can be easy to go against our instincts when we’re feeling pressure from our kids.She has opportunities to access the internet for school work on our home computer and check her email there, where we have more supervision.

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