Celestial dating guidelines

15-Jun-2019 14:46

My character is a small hamsterpunk healer =) What I’ve found is that with only 2 spell slots, I use them up quickly. She has more fingers than she knods people that she trusts.

I do most of my healing with Healing Light and I use 1 Cure Wounds spell in every combat. Uses Mask of Many Faces to disguises herself as a human.

Firebolt with Radiant Souls is 2d20 CHA as a single attack.

It's similar to why I use Green Flame Blade with Shillelagh in melee.

I only used Sacred Flame when I was within 60’ of our opponents and there wasn’t another party member between me and them and I didn’t want them to come attack me. I plan on going full support, but I also put an invocation into Agonizing Eldritch Blast, just to be useful when I'm not currently healing.

I got all the Celestial spell picks except FLaming Sphere: I got Invisibility instead, because I am always a big fan of going Stealth and Invisibility is my fail-safe for when I mess up a Stealth check.

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, and see it as double spending (Class Feature and Innvocation).

It's the same reason I didn't get Armor of Shadows, because unless I have a magic item like Bracers of Defense, then Mage Armor only has a 1 better AC over Studded Leather.

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