Cassi thomson and taylor lautner dating

07-May-2019 22:34

Well, I saw it on a magazine, but that does not mean it's true. And he is a GENTLEMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey, i no she has one called caught up in you featuring yummy Taylor Lautner!

But I think they broke up afterwards or something like that, idk for sure. :) Taylor swift is a kind and loving girl althought her boyfriend is now Taylor launter but i think she will love all the fans that always support her she had a new hair cut last week to reborn her hair and now her hair is all stright and not curly anyone want to see Taylor new hair look go to youtube (Taylor swift new hairstyle) she a totally new person but i still like her…

Lautner is a proud owner of a Maltese pooch named Roxy. Taylor appeared in the music video “Caught Up in You” for singer Cassi Thomson.

Taylor's favorites include the color baby blue and cake batter ice cream.

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Hey, i no she has one called caught up in you featuring yummy Taylor Lautner! Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner are indeed dating, Swift asked Selena for permission.