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During his 73 years, he made love to noblewomen, actresses, dancers, chambermaids, Greek slave girls, a priest's niece, a farmer's daughter, five sisters (plus their mother), a transvestite, a hunchback (with "an excitingly misplaced vulva"), a nymphomaniac, and two unrepentant nuns -- 132 ladies in all. And the 200-odd years that have passed since his death have only embellished his reputation.

Every man, at one time or another, wants to be a Giacomo Casanova. The ability to entrance a woman, to get her to surrender what Casanova called her "delicious little that," depends mostly on style and sincerity. Although you may object to Casanova's morals (he reveled in orgies, abhorred condoms, and once made love to his illegitimate daughter), he was not reprehensible.

Despite an unremarkable mug, no man is more renowned for his power over women than Giacomo Casanova.

In fact, his name has become synonymous with seduction.

However, when it comes to Russian girls (they are quite special), it is important to see their facial expressions and hear their voices."He was very much in love with most of these women, and they with him.