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29-May-2019 21:25

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The "Hide the Wine" singer reveals how she convinced Ray to – finally – make a move.

"We met each other a couple years ago, just doing radio shows," Pearce tells radio station WMIL in Milwaukee. I would say within six months, I started to really joke with some of my band, just be like, 'Man, there's just something about Michael Ray.

Palladio posted on Instagram his own hint about his and Pope's relationship back in February.

spend his entire five-year “death” stranded on the island of Lian Yu, but at the very least also set foot in Russian.

EP Marc Guggenheim assured us that said ceremony was “relatively private,” attended strictly by POTUS plus military and ARGUS types.

Also, “It’s not televised, and everyone’s in their costumes.” And once the champagne starts popping and Oliver, Barry et al return to street clothes, “No one else is around,” Guggenheim notes.

"Cassadee Pope and I, we relate on this, because she's dating Gunnar (Sam Palladio) from , and she slid in on the DM, so it's a thing. In a recent Instagram post from Pearce, Ray responded, "YOU ARE A QUEEN MY LOVE!! " Pearce and Ray are squeezing in time together while they are both on the road.

Pearce is currently performing with Rascal Flatts on their Back to Us Tour.

This means that the introduction of Pope may just confirm a widely-speculated theory that the Green Lantern is set to appear on the show.I always thought when he was in Hong Kong, someone would stop him and be like, ‘You look like Oliver Queen.’ So I’m glad that [this story beat] is happening.” Mulling Susan’s options once armed with more clues, Amell says, “Maybe she threatens [Oliver] with it, but maybe his counter is different than what we’ve seen before?

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