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Which is that microbial contamination (and in fact any contamination with new carbon 14):1) While it can explain why the first century Shroud would not have a first century radiocarbon date, due to new carbon that the radiocarbon dating pre-cleaning process could not remove:"In 1532 the Shroud was being kept inside a silver casket stored in the Sainte Chapelle, Chambéry, when a fire nearly destroyed the building.The intense heat melted a corner of the casket, scorching the folded linen within, and producing the now familiar scorch marks on the Shroud.4th century), but it would not explain why the 1st century Shroud's radiocarbon date was shifted 12-13 centuries into the future, let alone to the `bull's eye' date 1325 ±65."Let me now to respond to your comments.I already did let you respond to my comments, but you didn't, instead you ignored them and used my comments as a pretext to post a large block of your own comments. It is obvious, that a contradiction is between the radiocarbon dating of 3 labs and the Pray Codex. Agreed, but this is irrelevant to what we disagree on.As can be seen it is visually not ~60% contaminated with younger carbon in the form of a bacterial/microorganisms build-up, which it would need to have to shift the radiocarbon date of the 1st century Shroud 12-13 centuries into the future to 1260-1390[9].]It is well known, that the cellulose molecules of linen can change slowly particularly after a long time. And there are linen cloths that are much older than the first-century [Above (enlarge):"Pleated tunic (2435-2118 BC) ...Again this is too vague to be meaningful: "change" - how much? linen pleated tunics and textiles crafted more than 4200 years ago are extremely rare artifacts.

But see my post [17Feb19a] that the 1260-1390 date was achieved through scientific fraud in combining Arizona's eight runs into 4 runs which never happened.

"[7]there were always present different microorganism on the Shroud for many hundred years to date. Water that was poured into the casket to extinguish the fire would have turned to steam.

This would likely have killed any bacteria then on the Shroud, resetting your bacterial `clock' back to zero.

Stephen Mattingly (right).]coating theory apply to all theories (including yours) which claim that a build up of bacterial or microorganism carbon shifted the radiocarbon date of the first-century Shroud thirteen centuries into the future. a bioplastic coating) ..." Adler's main points were, "where does all this energy for growth come from? He claims this bioplastic has corrupted the radiocarbon date ...

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It should be noted that to corrupt the observed radiodate from a first century date to that reported requires about a 50% increase in the C14 mole fraction. The same lack of evidence under the microscope for Garza-Valdes' microorganisms build-up, applies to your theory.

So if the bishop and later skeptics were correct, we would expect the linen of which the Shroud is made to date from the time of the forgery. When the radiocarbon date was discovered to be between 12 (95 percent confidence interval), most scientists (including myself until a few years ago) were convinced that the Shroud had been proven a fraud. It would be an extraordinary and very improbable coincidence if the amount of carbon added to the Shroud were exactly the amount needed to give the date that indicated a fraud.

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