Can jews dating non jews

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Also, JDate tends to be very dishonest in the e-mail alerts it sends.For example, if you let your paid membership lapse and had 5 read messages in your inbox, you will get a message down the road notifying you of 5 new messages when you really don't have any since you've already read them. I'm a non-practicing Jew, and I have met several women via JDate.Like all online dating websites, Jdate merges the number of free members who have very limited ability to actually do anything on the site and inactive members with their paid subscribers, making it impossible to determine how many truly active members there are.To catch a look at JDate's site, you'll first need to register as a free member.Even if a guy were to want to date me, I would kind of wonder if he would have preferred a jewish girl, whether his family would have preferred a jewish girl, or if he's still looking for a jewish girl to marry because at the end of the day that's what he wants. There probably is one, but the whole point of a dating site is to have a huge pool of people and since I haven't heard of it, I'm not too hopeful. The design and idea of the site is great, but the signal to noise ratio is totally unbearable.

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Nice enough guys, but not exactly what I'm looking for.Non-idiots will get the impression that you're rude. There are plenty of other places -- online or otherwise -- that you can go to find intellectually stimulating people to date The exception would be if you were thinking seriously about conversion or whatever No experience with perfectmatch.