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On the downside, your various machines have to stay on all the time, waiting for your call.Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings Most events are ticketed and begin at pm. See our schedule for details and ticket information. The Living Room at 35 East is an intimate, 40-seat boutique listening room in Ardmore, Pennsylvania.A separate Cube One box (which acts as the brains for your whole i Smart Alarm system) can record video footage while you're away for you to review at a later date.There's a bunch of compatible stuff you can add to the camera from i Smart Alarm: Contact sensors so you know when doors are being opened, smart switches for turning appliances on and off, motion sensors for detecting movement in a particular area, and so on, with everything controlled from your Android or i OS smartphone.You can also set up subscriptions for multiple cameras.You get a month of free Nest Aware when you buy a Nest Cam.Open up Skype on Windows and get to the Options dialog via the Tools menu (it's under Skype and Preferences on a Mac).

With the Nest Cam alone, you only get a live feed plus alerts when the camera detects something happening—Nest Aware (as the extra premium service is called) adds a summary of the day's incidents, an archive of footage, the ability to set activity zones and a timelapse mode for burning through a lot of video very quickly.

You can then tap into the video feed from wherever you can get Skype: Your smartphone, an Internet cafe, a browser on the other side of the world, or anywhere else.

In theory there's nothing to stop you setting up single-purpose Skype accounts for every computer (and room) in your house, and with webcams costing very little you could feed one to the window to keep check on the garden too.

To get around this you need to set up a new Skype account solely for the purpose of watching your home, then add your original Skype account as the one and only contact.

In the same dialog as the auto-accept setting you can make sure you're only receiving calls from confirmed contacts.

It doesn't look like the world's most modern bit of kit but what it lacks in form it makes up for in function.