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05-Jun-2019 14:07

Mammary intercourse was a delightful new discovery (hadn't even heard of it) and I learned to enjoy giving and getting the occasional spank, etc.I still don't watch porn (maybe someday, for now my books are plenty) but i now own a vibrator and OH MY GOD why didn't i do that earlier?? Since then i've read a few hundred romance books, sampling from BDSM, Menage, LGBT , paranormal, etc etc etc.

I was also raised Evangelical Christian (no longer part of that) so on top of everything, romance lit was sinful.This includes sexist and rape jokes.• Comments that objectify people are not allowed.Joking or not, asking for pictures, hitting on people, etc, are not welcome here.I like sex and there wasn't often a shortage of it in our lives.

But i was grossed out by oral (both ways) and felt very dirty for wanting anything to do with butt play, dirty talk, etc.

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