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The mission was to create or strengthen entrepreneurial efforts with social impact. First we have the original race which is the Malays. Yet I discovered I was more resistant than I thought. So, taking a quick weekend getaway to a paradise island like the Perhentian Islands or Langkawi becomes a possibility for almost anyone. A weekend getaway to Singapore spending less than a weekend of going out to party.

The mere idea sounded pretty interesting, so without giving it much thought, I applied on Jobbatical and got hired. After that, we have a large community of Chinese and we have to add to that a considerable population of Indians. Everything is fried, everything has tons of sugar, big quantities and at all times. And a little bit of sweat during the day really helps a lot to clean the skin. In Malaysia, life becomes beautiful and bearable thanks to the always-present and reliable friend called the AC and its fresh breeze that announces hope and helps you forget the heat and the urge to send to hell anybody that crosses your way. Because the outdoors is an open invitation to end up all drenched in sweat, people opt to stay indoors. A round ticket to Thailand that costs less than an average perfume.

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It's a great event to bring friends and hang out or to meet new people.On a single street you can stumble upon a Chinese Buddhist temple, a Muslim mosque and a Hindu temple. To me, who had been accustomed to only seeing Catholic churches, the chance to be exposed to these new faiths and religious rituals was nothing but a cultural delight. Very naive I was, thinking it was going to be super easy to eat healthy. Due to the fact that alcohol is very expensive and food is cheap, and that they have a very diverse gastronomy and a wild appetite, the gravitating center of all social interaction is food. A lot of times, when you say hi to someone, one of the first things they are going to ask you is “Ta makan da? That set a fertile ground for a boom of malls everywhere. One of the things that impressed me the most was finding out how everybody was just so warm.