C user control not updating

26-Jun-2019 17:32

Controls that implement the Default Binding Property Attribute can contain one property that can be bound to data.

Such controls are similar to a Text Box or Check Box.

Like, the code i have put; you can just run them by copy-pasting, if you could shaer your code in that fashion it would easy for me to help you.

Hi, Create a public method (example : public void refresh()) where you'll Bind the usercontrol's controls with Data.

I suggest you to add a button click to user control, and exposed the event to client.

Detail information please refer to the code below: user control code: using System; using System.

In FF3 and IE7, IE8 and Opera, it is still not working. I use the following javascript function, called by the on Client Click in the OK button on the Modal popup. But the thing is, that the Control which calls the Modal Popup is a dynamically created Link Button, so it is hard to write code as above.

I am having some difficulty with an Update Panel Control, which holds a series of Tables with Controls.