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04-Apr-2019 02:45

Check the documentation on the Sort property from the Binding Source on MSDN.

When you display data entry functionality to users, you frequently have to validate the data entered into your form.

There is two orverloads for this method, and I've problems with both of them : I wrote an article of Winform Advanced Data Binding ( where I speak about property descriptor. If you don't speak french, you can download C# project. I've some difficulties to understand your article because of my lack of knowledge in this domain.

However it seems you don't speak about how to sort a Data Binding, do you Or perhaps there is a solution to my problem (on your custom object To support sorting, the underlying list must implement the IBinding List or IBinding List View interfaces.

There are certain values that cannot be Null inside the Access Database, so I cannot just Insert a blank row and then recieve a new Data Set from the database.

I could just create a new Form (some kind of "Wizard") that asks for these required fields, but I would like to avoid that.

Also, I'm sure with some clever coding on your part, you could funnel all your controls to a single Validating event handler so you would probably be able to avoid creating a separate event handler for each and every control you have.

Raising error flags would then be as simple as calling the Error Provider's Set Error method if validation returns a failure.All I get is a Data Row View object that is basically useless to me because I cannot add it to the Binding Source. Add(row View) but get an error that I cannot add an external object. Row; If you are using strongly typed datasets, you can cast the Data Row to that type. Add New() as Data Row View; Supplies Data Row data Row = row View. End Edit(); In the combo Menu List Combo Box, there is a new line that now says "New Item" instead of being blank, so I seam to be editing the actual Binding Source. The problem is that I cannot change the Binding Source. So my form initiates this object, gives it an SQL Select Query (or built in query), and recieves a Data Set with the Data Table inside.What I want is to add a row in which all of the fields start out as Null. Row as Supplies Data Row; You can initialize the values by specifying a default value for the datatable's column: Supplies Data Table. The problem is that when I click on "New Item", all of the other data bound Textboxes, Combo Boxes, Check Boxes do not update. I also have a private Binding Source bs Supplies object.I would like to sort this list according to a property of my objects.

I guess I should use the Apply Sort method, but I don't understand how it works.

You can validate data by handling the xref: System.