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This means that there is now light at the end of the tunnel and you need to put all your efforts into taking care of yourself. You can feel like you’re not quite yourself and that’s becuase you’re not. All our struggles and hardships make us stronger in the end. Being single is one of the greatest freedoms you will ever have – it’s a time in your life to be grateful for.This is the time that you will use to transform yourself into a better person than you were while you were in that relationship.The stages of grief accurately call this mode “Depression”. This is the hardest part of recovery and it only gets better from here – don’t worry, you’re almost out of the woods. This is the time to talk out your feelings and remember that you do have people who care, you’re not alone.This is where it all comes at you like a ton of bricks. If you feel alone because live away from your friends or family or you’ve been in this relationship so long that you’ve lost touch with your friends, find support in other ways.

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When our hearts are hurting, it’s time for the brain to step in and help put back together the broken pieces.The new you is happier, more confident and more secure.

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