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08-May-2019 20:44

I've been throwing on dresses and slapping on lipstick for so many years; I have this whole "getting ready" routine down to a science.My full hair and makeup are complete before you've even finished blow-drying your side bangs.The side of self-acceptance is so much sweeter than the side of conformity — despite the sweeping generalizations and crazy misconceptions that constantly swing your way when you let your femme flag fly. ” I asked once again as I slugged back my house wine. ” She laughed like she had drawn the most obvious conclusion in the world. Let's do the math here: The intimidatingly brazen woman in the designer blazer who insisted on only drinking the top shelf vodka, who also happened to be sporting a watch the same price as a down payment on a house, was saying she thought me, the smiley 20-year-old in the cheap dress clumsily sipping her cheap wine, was a I can't tell you how shocked my ex-girlfriend was to learn how fired up I get about politics when we first started dating.“I just didn't think you would be so radical!Here are some of those generalizations and misconceptions that I, as a "femme" lesbian, have been subject to:“I wasn't sure I could date you when I first met you! I was wearing a Forever 21 minidress, wishing we had gone somewhere less expensive because I only had 0 to my name.“Well... ” she squealed as I dived into a deep debate with a bartender about abortion.

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” seasoned lesbians would roar at me as I nervously sat in the corner of the lesbian bar alone in my high heels. ” I would yell as if being a femme lesbian were a terrible, taboo thing to be.

I was so dramatically averse to being considered a “femme” because I didn't want to be considered dumb. So why did I think "femme" was synonymous with being a brainless joke?

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Dressing like a pop singer every day brings me joy.

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